product talent platform

A platform that connects businesses with the best product management talent pool. ProductTalent helps organizations augment their product talent requirements through Institute of Product Leadership's unique Talentathon events.

"Demonstrable Skills based assessments through Talentathons"

Talentathons helps organizations evaluate the candidates based on skill demonstrations by candidates instead of knowledge based assessments. Candidates work on product challenges given by hiring organizations and present their solutions, through which they demonstrate the application of various competencies and skills.

Alumni Success Stories

IPLites have gone on to achieve great things after graduation, accelerating and transitioning across their career paths.


Arun Vijapur, EMBA Class of 2017-A
Product Owner (HP) to Associate Product Manager (DIGITAL HARBOR)


Ravi Bheesetty, EMBA Class of 2017-B
Product Design Lead to Senior Product Manager (Mercedes-Benz)

Got Promoted, Changed Roles, Started a Venture

Most Alumni have seen immediate and visible career path impact and transformations, redefining their fields, and living their dreams.