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What are the best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi?

And if you are a fan of Formula one, the Yas Marina Circuit is the location to be. You are able to have a guided tour, get behind the steering wheel of a racing automobile, or even enjoy the thrill of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix if you time your visit correctly. As the nation’s capital and centre of government, Abu Dhabi hosts a significant amount of overseas companies, while it too has an abundance of family attractions, and also leisure activities for people of all ages and interests.

The best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi would be the following: Dhow Cruise on the Corniche. An iconic attraction of the UAE, and surely one of the best in Abu Dhabi, the Dhow Cruise is an old style boat ride that takes visitors across the beautiful waters of the Corniche. The standard Dhows of Abu Dhabi include the safest and comfortable most way to explore the Corniche, where the vast bulk of passengers be outside for the duration of the cruise, enjoying the sun along with the sea breeze.

A journey on a dhow cruise can be appreciated in last and half-hour approximately an hour. A 10 minute journey starts at 100 fils individual, while a complete hour will fixed you back only 150 fils. A ticket price is included in the tour cost. If you would like to make use of the possibility to have a good time inside the water but without having to be concerned about security or other issues, get involved in the Fantasie dhow as well as have a romantic evening dinner along the dhow.

Admission: Duration: Half an hour. Starting Time: Daily, from 07.00 am Price: Full hour. One hour. 150 fils person. 2 time. Only one hour and 45 minutes. One hour as well as 20 minutes. One hour and fifteen minutes. Dhow Cruise in the Corniche. Go to the famous Corniche waterfront over a dhow cruise. A half hour cruise along the Corniche is going to introduce you to the main sights of the capital city, like Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, the Abu Dhabi Opera House and Masdar City.

What are the prices of the trains in Abu Dhabi? The costs of the trains in Abu Dhabi are like the prices in other cities. The price tag of a single ticket is AED 10 for a one way journey, as well as AED twenty five for a return ticket. Abu Dhabi food is a mixed, non-specific, and very versatile blend of the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, North Africa, and Western Asia, that has led to a cuisine with unique features such as for instance considerably large use of milk products (as a result of Islamic law that prohibits the use of pork), spices produced from the Near East, and also the usage of several locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables in both house as well as business sectors.

The food can also be influenced by the massive number of Asian expatriates residing in the emirate, and by cultural links between the United Arab Emirates and also the southern Asian countries. Wikipedia As a non Arab Muslim, my initial response to the issue is that the conventional foods is the food of the Arabs.

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