Aastick Chakraborty

Senior Software Technologist I

Sector: Health Care

Member Since, July 8, 2024

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 10.4
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 16 04 1992


Bringing extensive expertise in architecting robust technical solutions and driving product development initiatives. Proficient in leading architectural design discussions, collaborating across multifunctional teams, and translating business requirements into scalable technical solutions. Skilled in crafting and refining architectural blueprints to ensure innovation and excellence in product delivery. Adept at balancing technical considerations with product vision to deliver impactful solutions that meet business objectives.


  • B-Tech (2009 - 2013) West Bengal University Of Technology

    Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering

Work & Experience

  • Philips (2021 - Present ) Senior Software Technologist

    Lead the product roadmap of cloud monitoring device, aligning with business objectives and customer needs. Develop a strategic vision for the product offering, prioritize features, and guide the development team towards achieving key milestones. Continuously prioritize backlog items based on customer feedback, market insights, and business value. Own and manage the backlog, ensuring that sprints/iterations of backlog are always ready for development. Actively engage with the development team, providing guidance, clarification, and support throughout the development lifecycle while also contributing as an individual contributor by writing code, conducting code reviews, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions. Facilitate discussions, contribute to design activities, and maintain focus on achieving project objectives.

  • Siemens (2018 - 2021 ) Senior Software Engineer

    Developed an Angular application integrated with microservices based .NET Core REST API and a messaging system, resulting in improved process e\0ciency by 10%. The real-time data of the machines was e\0ectively captured and utilized, leading to an e\0cient and streamlined process flow. aastick.c@gmail.com 9851422837 Bangalore,560029 SKILLS React,Angular,JavaScript,C#, TypeScript,NodeJs,.NET,Sql, NextJs,Redux,MongoDB, HTML,CSS,Docker,Git, Nginx,Kubernetes,Message queue,Jenkins,DevOps, CI/CD,AWS Designed and implemented a highly scalable application utilizing Node.js and the Cluster module, ensuring optimal performance through e\0ective load balancing across multiple CPU cores. The solution was designed with modularity in mind, resulting in e\0cient delivery of results without sacrificing system resources, making it a valuable addition to the application. Led the initiative to transition to Micro Frontend architecture, dividing our monolithic frontend into autonomous units. This strategic move yielded a significant 10% reduction in development bottlenecks, facilitating faster feature delivery.

  • HCL Technologies (2017 - 2018 ) Senior Software Engineer

    Developed cross-platform retail applications using .NET Core, empowering employees to perform tasks e\0ciently both within and outside the store. This resulted in an impressive 30% increase in productivity and a noteworthy 10% enhancement in customer service quality. Equipped the software with intuitive system administration tools streamlining the management of inventory, sales, and employee performance. Additionally, the software supported global POS terminals, ensuring consistency and compatibility across various locations, leading to a remarkable 25% improvement in operational e\0ciency.

  • Navigators Software Pvt Ltd (2016 - 2017 ) Software Engineer

    ● Developed a comprehensive insurance claims management system using ASP.NET Web API, enriched with JavaScript and jQuery for dynamic and user-friendly web interfaces. This empowered claimants to seamlessly submit and track claims, resulting in a 20% reduction in claim processing time. ● Implemented a robust CSP header policy to mitigate XSS attacks. This policy specified trusted sources for loading scripts, styles, and other resources, preventing the execution of malicious scripts from unauthorized domains. ● Implemented a feature that allowed users to send emergency assistance alerts via Google Firebase push notifications. This feature rapidly connected users with insurance providers and service technicians during urgent situations, prioritizing user safety and swift incident resolution.

  • La Exactlly Software Pvt Ltd (2014 - 2016 ) Software Developer


Product Managment