Aditya Sampath Kanupuri

Sector: Health Care

Member Since, March 3, 2022

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 6
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Internet startups
  • Date of Birth 06 12 1995


Hii! I’m Aditya, I worked as an Associate Product Manager at Practo. My journey reflects a passion for product management and a knack for problem-solving to create meaningful impacts. In healthcare, I fine-tuned my skills, understanding the industry intricacies. My true passion lies in product management, where I love identifying and solving complex problems. I bring a collaborative approach, bridging the technical aspects with end-user needs. I’m driven to make a positive impact through innovative solutions.


  • B.Tech (2013 - 2017) National Institute Of Technology Surathkal, Karnataka

  • Secondary School (2011 - 2021) Narayana Junior College

Work & Experience

  • Practo (2022 - 2023 ) Associate Product Manager

    • Improved sales conversion funnel by 15% by reducing the time to connect with the lead from 11 minutes to 2 minutes, resulting in an additional revenue of $1Mper month • Identified gaps in the collection system, and pioneered a centralized billing system to monitor cash flows, improved the collection rate from $50M to $60M per month • Optimized workflows for Operations, Finance and medical teams, resulting in cost savings of $2.5M per month • Spearheaded a new initiative to focus on Chronic illness, adding a new revenue stream of $0.5M per month • Validated initiative to improve the experience between the doctor and the patient over video call, resulting in 10% improvement in overall connect rates and a reduction in engineering bandwidth by 40% (from 150 to 90 man-days) • Awarded best performer for the quarter for pioneering a centralised billing system to avoid revenue leaks

  • Altisource Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (2019 - 2021 ) Senior Software Developer

    • Headed a new Market Expansion Initiative during the pandemic to create a new source of potential $4M annual revenue opportunity • Introduced ‘Techie Thursday’ meetups for freshers to empower and equip them with skills and competencies; enhanced efficiency of deliverables deployment by 30% • Migrated 6 applications from in-house infrastructure to AWS, resulting in 40% reduction in maintenance cost • Awarded best performer of the year 2019-20 for my contribution towards process automation

  • Altisource Business Solutions Private Limited (2017 - 2019 ) Software Developer

    • Spearheaded development of an automation framework, reducing the overall time to test product functionalities from 21 hours to 9 hours, a reduction of over 50% • Automated marketing emails instead of relying on an external tool, saving $40K per year to the organisation • Pitched automation for image audit processes, cutting manual workload from four resources to one and saving $30K per year

Honors & awards

  • 2018 Certificate of Excellence

    Awarded for the best employee award to recognize me in the work i have done for the company

  • 2022 Best Speechcrafter

    I was awarded the best speech crafter at Toastmasters International Bangalore