Anurag Dev

Sr. Consultant (Product Owner)

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, May 17, 2024

About Me

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Experience 8 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 14/09/1991


Anurag Dev – Visionary Product Leader Transforming the Digital Landscape

As an accomplished Product Manager, Anurag Dev has demonstrated exceptional expertise in driving New Product Development and flawless Product Delivery. He has established a reputation as an exceptionally effective Individual Contributor, consistently propelling product success forward through visionary leadership. Driven by a passion to emerge as a Digital Product Leader, Anurag leverages his extensive skills, experience, and innovative mindset to pioneer the future of digital products.

Anurag’s abilities have been showcased through the formulation of seamless delivery and implementation of B2B SaaS projects, ensuring peak efficiency and exceeding client satisfaction. He has led meticulous release management activities, guaranteeing the seamless deployment of software updates and enhancements within strict timelines. Anurag’s strategic orchestration of sprint planning sessions has driven agile project management methodologies, enhancing productivity and ensuring project success.

Furthermore, Anurag has demonstrated exceptional management of supply chain logistics and procurement processes, optimizing inventory levels and nurturing supplier relationships for cost-effectiveness and operational excellence. His robust strategies for product delivery and implementation have consistently aligned with project timelines, consistently surpassing client expectations.

Anurag’s transformative logistics product management initiatives have revolutionized operational efficiency and client satisfaction through strategic leadership and innovative solutions. He has directed end-to-end logistics operations, streamlining processes and mitigating potential bottlenecks to ensure smooth procurement and delivery.

With a proven track record of proactive initiatives and skillful contract negotiations, Anurag has secured favorable terms and pricing for his projects, showcasing his versatility and business acumen.


  • Supply Chain & Operations Management (2016 - 2018) Symbiosis International University,

    Anurag Dev holds an MBA in Supply Chain & Operations Management from the prestigious Symbiosis International University, which he completed in 2018. This was a 2-year full-time residential program that provided him with a comprehensive and immersive education in the intricacies of supply chain logistics, operations management, and strategic decision-making. During his time at Symbiosis, Anurag gained in-depth knowledge and practical skills in areas such as procurement, inventory management, transportation and distribution, supplier relationship management, and process optimization. The program\'s strong emphasis on case studies, industry projects, and hands-on learning experiences allowed Anurag to apply his classroom learnings to real-world business challenges. Through the MBA curriculum, Anurag developed a robust understanding of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the supply chain and operations management domain. He honed his analytical abilities, strategic planning skills, and problem-solving expertise, equipping him with the necessary tools to drive transformative change within complex logistics and supply chain environments. The Symbiosis MBA program\'s focus on developing well-rounded business leaders also enabled Anurag to enhance his communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. This multidisciplinary approach has proven invaluable in his current role as a Product Manager, where he seamlessly integrates his technical expertise with his business acumen to deliver exceptional product solutions.

  • Chemical Engineering (2008 - 2012) Sathyabama University

    Anurag Dev holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Chemical Engineering, which he obtained from the prestigious Sathyabama University in 2012. This 4-year undergraduate program provided him with a strong foundation in chemical processes, process engineering, and technical problem-solving, laying the groundwork for his subsequent career in product management.

Work & Experience

  • Infosys Limited (2021 - Present ) Sr. Consultant - Product Owner

    Designation: Sr. Consultant - Product Owner (Zone: NA, CA & EU) | Department: Domain consulting group (DCG) | Bangalore Role: • Executed product implementations for Supply Chain clients utilizing Agile Methodology. • Collaborated with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to drive the Product Elaboration Cadence, ensuring precise scope definition, requirement gathering, and feedback collection for user-centric product development. • Engaged in strategic product vision discussions and actively contributed to internal planning initiatives for feature execution. • Gathered comprehensive functional requirements, crafted user stories (BRD) with Acceptance Criteria, and orchestrated cross-functional collaboration to manage backlogs, ensuring efficient product delivery. • Validated UI prototypes meticulously to ensure readiness in the Definition of Ready (DoR) environment, maintaining stringent quality standards. • Conducted thorough backlog refinement sessions for sprints and Program Increment (PI) planning, prioritizing value delivery and optimizing team backlog for superior customer experiences. • Participated actively in Product User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and proficiently logged defects in Jira / Azure DevOps (ADO) for prompt resolution. • Diagnosed processes, mapped AS-IS state for enterprise-level improvement, and strategically planned requirements accordingly. • Managed change requests (CR) for agile software development, conducting comprehensive risk assessments and evaluating potential impacts on user experience. • Achieved a significant milestone with the successful global go-live of Logistics and Retail products across multiple industries.

  • Accenture India Pvt. Ltd. (2020 - 2021 ) Sr. Business Analyst

    Designation: Sr. Business Analyst (Zone: NA, & CA) | Department: SCM | Mumbai Role: • Led the implementation of Ariba B&I, assuming the role of Point of Contact and driving the entire process. • Proactively engaged stakeholders to champion and expedite user adoption of the Ariba B&I system. • Delivered comprehensive training and support to users, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal utilization. • Facilitated user feedback sessions, extracting valuable insights to enhance the overall user experience. • Recognized as a Valuable Business Asset for contributions to successful implementation and user adoption of Ariba B&I.

  • Baker Hughes India Pvt. Ltd. (2019 - 2020 ) Business Analyst

    • Led the integration of the SAP invoice automation application, empowering suppliers with real-time visibility into their invoice status online. • Orchestrated the end-to-end management of the Procure to Pay (P2P) cycle within the supply chain. • Oversaw Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), including vendor onboarding and maintenance of qualified supplier lists. • Recognized for exceptional performance and a strong commitment to growth, earning the Energize award.

  • Air Liquide India Pvt. Ltd. (2018 - 2019 ) Business Analyst

    Designation: Business Analyst (Zone: IN, & SG) | Department: SCM |Delhi Scope of Work: • Executed the Cylinder Tracking System project, revolutionizing business operations to achieve unparalleled efficiency gains. • Provided comprehensive training and guidance to a high-performing team of over 30 users, aligning closely with evolving business requirements. • Recognized for exemplary achievements, including the successful reconciliation

  • Unitop Aquacare Pvt. Ltd. (2012 - 2014 ) Site Executive

    Designation: Site Executive (Zone: IN) | Department: SCM | Mumbai Scope of Work: • Engineered a meticulous micro-schedule for the procurement team, optimizing project timelines with surgical precision. • Attained prestigious recognition as the \"Youngest Site Engineer\" of the year, underscoring exceptional dedication and contributions to project success.


Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Integration
Agile Methodologies
Product Research
Workflow Optimization
Process Improvement
Strategic Product Planning
Product Launch Strategies
Legacy System SaaS Migration

Honors & awards

  • 2021 Valuable Business Asset

    Recognized as a Valuable Business Asset for contributions to successful implementation and user adoption of Ariba B&I.

  • 2020 Energize award

    Recognized for exceptional performance and a strong commitment to growth, earning the Energize award.