Asit Piri

Data Product Manager

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, November 12, 2020

About Me

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Experience 20
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 13 Jan 1974


I am an engineering program manager turned product manager who strives for excellence in all that I do and continually develops through my strong technical and product leadership skills to build innovative data products and solutions that promote people’s way of life and work.

Passion, rigour, empathy, critical problem solving and design thinking are few attributes that I believe helped me to grow as a data product manager. I am passionate about the three points:

1. Meeting new people and understanding their problems and needs.
2. Building solutions from customer insights.
3. Sharing my learning with my team and product community.
Since the early days of my career as a Software Engineer, I have been directly and indirectly involved with designer, engineering, sales and marketing, customer support and product management. At HPE, I was in a unique role of directly talking to internal and external customers, understanding their business problems and finding a solution that could be scaled for all our fortune 500 customers.

The one decade of solid diversified experiences helped me understand the co-dependence of data, technology, design and business in solving customer’s problems on a large scale.


  • Execute MBA in Product Leadership (2020 - Present) Institute of Product Leadership & CMR University

    The Executive MBA program at Institute of Product Leadership is a 18-months experiential degree program that focuses on transforming senior professionals and managers into C-suite product executives. The program helps nurture strategic decision making and execution skills as well as the leadership competencies necessary for career path acceleration.

  • EPGDM in Business Analytics (2012 - 2014) CMR Institute of Management and Technology

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (2007 - 2008) DOEACC Society

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) (1994 - 1997) Utkal University

Work & Experience

  • (2020 - 2021 ) Deep Learning Internship

    Image Detection/Segmentation by using Tensorflow UNet & Masked RCNN. Prototype Link: Will provide on request Github Link: Will provide on request

  • Menttr My Product Lab (Educational Side Project) (2020 - Present ) Institute of Product Leader (Product Lab) Internship

    My Product Lab (Educational Side Project), which is part of my Executive MBA in Product Leadership Curriculum. My responsibilities are to learn and apply learnings in the Product Labs environment, from generating ideas to building products from Scratch using Agile Development and User Experience Design including the below-listed knowledge base till product launch. 1. Ideation, User Experience Research, Customer Journey Map, Human-Machine Interaction, Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design, User Experience Design 2. Data Science, Market Research, Customer In-sighting, Customer Analytics, Quantitative Methods 3. Business Finance, Product Marketing, Go-To-Market Strategy, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Social Media Analytics 4. Intrapreneurship, Product Labs. Building a Product from Scratch, Agile Development, DevOps My Contributions: Problem Space: 1. Problem Identification & Validation by using Design Thinking - Data Intelligence 2. How Might We (Problem) Statement 3. A4 Framework: Audit, Append, Anew & Articulate 4. Business Model Canvas Creation 5. User Interview to Identify the Problem 6. Persona Identification 7. Pains, Gains & Jobs To Be Done Identification & Prioritization 8. Identification of Product & Solutions to address user Top 3 Pains Reliever & Top 3 Gains Creator 9. Empathy Map Creation 10. Value Proposition Map Creation (Problem-Solution Fit) Solution Space: 1. Solution Identification & Validation by User Experience Design (UX) 2. Research & Brainstorming for Idea generation 3. Prioritize the Solution and choose the best solutions. 4. Information Architecture Design 5. Low Fidelity Design 6. Medium Fidelity Design 7. High Fidelity Design 8. User Interview to Validate Solutions Website:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (2010 - 2020 ) Engineering Program Manager (Role: UX Producer @ HPE Experience Studio)

    As an Engineering Program Manager, my role is at the intersection of strategy, explore, design, technology, implementation, delivery, team and stakeholder management. I work in the HPE GreenLake Central product, which is an integrated As a Services private cloud platform to provide HPE portfolio of product and services to the enterprise customer through pay as you go model to trial, buy and provision the enabled services. Tools: Rally (Agile Product Management), Figma (Design Prototyping), Anaconda/Jupyter Notebook (Data Science Prototyping), Github/Sharepoint/Coda/Slack (Collaboration) My Responsibilities: 1. Manage HPE enterprise product increment planning, releases, initiative and features, priorities, processes and lifecycle for HPE Experience Studio. 2. Detail understanding of HPE Design system and apply the knowledge in a dynamic environment using agile methodologies to execute end to end UX/UI process lifecycle. 3. Delivered 5 quarterly releases for all product design deliverables related to planning, explorations, ideation, design, usability testing and demos. 4. Execute agile ceremonies quarterly product increment release planning, bi-weekly sprint review & planning and daily scrum standup. 5. Collect the bi-weekly sprint retrospective feedback from the internal as well as external stakeholders, share the feedback with the leadership team to strategize the necessary actions for continuous team improvement, resolve conflicts and increase team velocity. 6. Apply design-thinking and user experience excellence in all the deliverables we produce. 7. Shown ability to meet deadlines and drive results while juggling many projects and priorities. 8. Ability to achieve balance in a chaotic creative environment by implementing the right amount of structure and process. 9. Employs a proactive product management style with a keen ability to identify and mitigate risk.

  • Capgemini (2008 - 2010 ) Senior Consultant (Role: Data Architect))

  • HCL Technology (2007 - 2008 ) Data Analytics Lead (Role: Team Lead)

  • CDAC (2004 - 2007 ) Project Associate (Role: Senior Software Developer)

  • SQL Star International (2003 - 2004 ) Software Engineer

  • Electronic Research and Develop Centre of India (ER&DCI) (2000 - 2003 ) Project Associate (Role: Software Developer)


Agile Product Development
User Research
Value Proposition Design
Business Design
User Experience Design
Product Design and Prototyping by using Figma
Data Science and Scientific Programming by using IJulia Notebook, Anaconda& SQL
Market Research, Product Marketing, Go-To-Market Strategy & Growth Hacking

Honors & awards

  • 2020 Product Management Foundation

    Product Management Foundation Certification by Institute of Product Leadership

  • 2020 Value Proposition Design

    Value Proposition Design Certification by Institute of Product Leadership

  • 2020 Innovation Frameworks

    Innovation framework by Institute of Product Leadership

  • 2020 Building Creative Confidence

    Building Creative Confidence by Institute of Product Leadership

  • 2020 Julia Scientific Programming with Honours

    Julia Scientific Programming with Honours by Couesera

  • 2020 Agile Foundation

    Agile Foundation by Linkedin Learning

  • 2020 Agile at Work: Planning with Agile User Stories

    Agile at Work: Planning with Agile User Stories by Linkedin Learning

  • 2020 Agile at Work: Reporting with Agile Charts & Boards

    Agile at Work: Reporting with Agile Charts & Boards by Linkedin Learning

  • 2019 Figma for UX Design

    Figma for UX Design by Linkedin Learning

  • 2013 Data Management Core

    Data Management Core Certification by TDWI’s Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)

  • 2013 Data Warehousing

    Data Warehousing by TDWI’s Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)

  • 2005 Oracle SQL Certification

    Oracle SQL Certification by Oracle University