Nachiket Pathak

Product Manager

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, November 8, 2022

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 4
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 06/02/1997


Adaptable Product Manager with almost 4 years of collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams to drive process innovations & achieve outstanding outcomes. Possessing a solid foundation in product leadership, adept at gathering requirements, & leveraging client relationships to achieve targeted business objectives. Demonstrated expertise in various industries, including Animation (B2B), Health & Wellness (B2B2C), & Talent Management (B2B2C), with a strong focus on delivering measurable results & fueling business growth.


  • Bachelors in Commerce (2015 - 2018) University of Amravati

Work & Experience

  • Human Edge (2021 - 2022 ) Client Success Consultant

    - Using Thinkific, led the creation and management of a global Learning Management System platform to facilitate the practice of scientific learning for a diverse audience. - Assisted the team in conducting research analysis to gain insights into user needs and preferences to create proposals for effective onboarding of clients and launching programs. - Oversaw and actively participated in community programs and projects to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) set by the organization.

  • (2018 - 2020 ) Client Success Executive

    - Build and maintained strong relationships with clients by understanding their needs, and ensuring their satisfaction with the company's products and services. - Actively solicited client feedback to gather insights to measure each project's performance and to identify areas for improvement. - Assisted in the development and delivery of the final product to help clients maximize the value of the company's products.

  • StoneSoup Studios (2020 - 2021 ) Sales Strategist

    - Helped in product positioning by defining the unique selling propositions and value propositions of the company\'s products. - Developed sales collateral, presentations, and other materials to effectively communicate the value of the company\'s products to potential customers.

  • (2023 - 2023 ) Product Manager

    Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, engineers, and UX designers, to translate talent acquisition market demands and user needs into actionable product roadmaps & features for a talent intelligence platform. Created the following products during my tenure 1. Bounty System Feature - This complex system sets up an interview request-sending process & determines the dynamic pricing model that adjusts the cost of scheduling interviews based on the expertise level of the candidate and third-party interviewers on the platform, using surge factors of the ValueMatrix business environment to incentivize acceptance of requests and reduce the expense of the company. 2. VM Pro Data Report - A comprehensive and unbiased report that provides deep insights into a candidate\'s personality, helping companies make informed hiring decisions. It maps out various factors and features that assist in evaluating candidates and enables companies to judge them better. 3. Interview Status Tracking System - An innovative system that enhances the hiring process by providing candidates with real-time updates on their application progress and interview status. It offers streamlined scheduling, candidate management, and analytics for interviewers, fostering transparency, communication, and efficiency. 4. Resume Parsing - An advanced feature that automates the extraction and analysis of key information from resumes, improving the efficiency and accuracy of candidate evaluation. It leverages cutting-edge technology to parse skills, qualifications, and experience, streamlining the hiring process for recruiters. 5. Backup Interviewer Feature - This backend feature designate the backup interviewers in case of unexpected circumstances or scheduling conflicts. It enhances the reliability and efficiency of the system, providing a seamless experience for both candidates and interviewers.


User-Centric Design
Product Implementation & Navigation
Metrics & KPI Clarity
Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Decision-making
Technical Aptitude
Project Management
Sales Enablement

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