Nachiket Pathak

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Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, November 8, 2022

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 2.3 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 06/02/1997


To tell you a bit about myself, I am a B-COM graduate with 2 years and 3 months of experience as a Client Success Executive in a B2B animation firm and B2B2C Health & Wellness company.
I have performed various roles/responsibilities such as Key Account Management (after sales/ Main POC), Client Support, Project Management & Communication, Client Relationship Management, Business Onboarding, LMS management, Revenue Generation, Sales Support, Upselling, Cross-selling & Product delivery during the period of my employments.

Just for your easy evaluation, below is a detailed description of my daily responsibilities.

  1. I was the main point of contact between the production teams and the client. All the communication and planning regarding the creative process went through me. I used to handle & resolve clients’ feedback, issues, concerns, and challenges.
  2. I coordinated with the Sales and Accounts team to get the decided payment from the clients. I prepared all the proposals, invoices, contracts, NDAs, and other required agreements to ensure smooth transactions and transparency.
  3. I onboarded clients to our internal collaboration platform for project management and smoother communication.
  4. I conducted surveys of each stage of the production process to increase efficiency and for case studies.
  5. I helped in the quality assessment of each created product.
  6. I made the final product delivery as per the client’s requirements.
  7. I used to up-sell videos and cross-sell voiceovers.
  8. I looked over post-production needs.
  9. I assisted the Production Team in the project and strategic planning.
  10. I helped in building the company’s brand name by maintaining a healthy relationship with the client and by bringing positive reviews.
  11. I build a LMS platform for the health benefits of clients
  12. I designed project roadmaps for easy program executions.

During my tenure, I have successfully managed 450+ projects or 350+ clients from all over the globe and maintained a churn rate below 3%. Also, I was the only one in my company who got 80 Five stars Google Reviews from the clients (92 in total).

Currently, aiming to become a great Product Manager because I want higher responsibilities and a good name.


  • Bachelors in Commerce (2015 - 2018) University of Amravati

Work & Experience

  • Human Edge (2021 - 2022 ) Client Servicing Associate

  • (2018 - 2020 ) Client Success Executive


Client Communication and Knowledge Transfer
Project and Stakeholder Management

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