Nikhil Reddy

Product Manager

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, January 5, 2021

About Me

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Experience 5+
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Internet startups
  • Date of Birth 18/01/1996


I am a Product Manager with an entrepreneurial background with 5+ years of experience overall and 3+ years of experience in Saas-based products and Mobile Apps, I excel in ensuring the success of products by balancing usability, technical feasibility, and business requirements. My skills include ideation, market research, user interviews, prototyping, usability testing, UI/UX design, product roadmap development, feature analysis, prioritization, sprint planning, usage analysis, and data analysis.

Some of my professional achievements include
– Achieved 99% same-day refunds for failed bookings and 5X increase in Day 1 to Day 5 retention, elevating platform credibility.

– Reduced Avg Refund time from 6 months to less than 2 hours.

– Increased CVR by 0.2% and reduced booking time by 10%, leading to a 2X increase in user flow.

– Attracted 20% more app traffic, acquired 15,000+ new users, and increased engagement by 50%.

– Achieved 3% CVR increase, 10X more inquiries, and secured 100+ vacation bookings.

– Achieved 20+ orders and broke even on day 1 with a 30% profit margin.

– Led teams with sizes from 4 to 40+ in my whole product experience till date

My background as an interior designer adds a creative perspective to my problem-solving approach. I am adept at making data-driven decisions while also relying on intuition.


  • MBA (2019 - Present) Institute of Product Leadership

  • Btech (2013 - 2017) Kakatiya institute of Technology & Science

Work & Experience

  • Rehlat (2022 - Present ) Product Manager

    • I oversaw the redesign of the Post Payment Experience, achieving a 99% same-day refund rate and contributing to a 5X increase in retention rate. • I also cleaned up the app, resulting in a 0.2% increase in CVR and a 10% decrease in booking time along with a 2X increase in traffic flow till the last step of the booking funnel. • I launched a successful football quiz campaign, attracting 20% more traffic and acquiring 15,000+ new users. • I introduced a new vacation category with a 3% increase in CVR and 10X surge in customer inquiries. • As a Product Manager, I managed app flow, new product development, and partner integrations, driving innovation and growth.

  • Phenom (2021 - 2022 ) Associate Product Manager

    • Analyzing product usage using various metrics to derive valuable insights and recommendations for product enhancements. • Active participation in Design Reviews, Sprint Planning, Product Review/Roadmap meetings, Business Reviews, and Implementation processes. • Conducting analysis of support tickets to identify trends and areas for improvement. • Joined a product team dedicated to developing a new product for the B2C segment in the healthcare domain. Part of a startup venture within the company. • Conducted extensive research and gathered findings for the new product. • Actively participated in brainstorming sessions to generate innovative ideas. • Created multiple canvases to visualize product concepts and strategies. • Conducted user interviews to gather valuable insights from potential customers. • Transitioned to the Analytics product team due to a dependency on another product within the company.

  • UST (2020 - 2020 ) Product management Intern

    • Joined Products and Platforms department to work on a sales product from initial stages • Conducted market research to gain domain understanding & Present findings and opportunity analysis to executives • Actively collaborated with cross-functional teams for scoping the product • Leverage expertise of teams from various departments for proposing solutions • Played a pivotal role in driving the product forward in market research, presentations and collaboration with cross-functional teams

  • FreshThinks (2020 - 2020 ) Founder

    • Successfully tested the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for 7 days, achieving exceptional results. On the very first day, the MVP received 20+ orders and managed to break even, boasting a remarkable profit margin of 30%. • Demonstrated excellent leadership skills by assembling and leading a team of interns with a passion for design. Guided them through the development of two versions each for three apps (consumer, delivery, and vendor), ensuring a smooth and efficient development process. • Spearheaded the development of the final versions of the apps, skillfully combining the design versions using the Flutter framework and Firebase backend. This resulted in the creation of high-quality, functional, and user-friendly applications. • However I have to admit that I have failed in implementing this to scale due to various other reasons • Possess valuable hands-on experience in leading a team, effectively managing tasks from marketing to product delivery. This holistic approach showcases a comprehensive skill set and a successful track record of delivering projects.

  • Kraftco Interiors (2019 - 2019 ) Interior Designer

  • Raster Engineers (2017 - 2018 ) Jr. Architect


Product Management
Stake holder management
User Research
A/B Testing
Market Research
UI/UX Design

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