Santhosh Rubenraj Solomon C

Software Engineer

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, October 11, 2023

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 2
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 26 05 2000


In my role at Surfboard Payments Pvt. Ltd., I led strategic initiatives by architecting a seamless Developer Portal and optimizing back-end services for a remarkable 95% efficiency boost. Managing 20 micro-services, I enhanced the core API and orchestrated a smooth transition to the V2 Order Service, resulting in a 73% performance surge. My contributions extended to a successful product launch, where I played a key role in crafting release documents and providing insights for enhanced user-friendliness.

During my internship at Core Illustrio Pvt. Ltd., I applied core design methodologies to create mobile applications, developing a Library Management app aligned with the organization’s culture and a user-friendly expense-splitting app for bachelor apartments, earning acclaim for design and functionality. Additionally, I gained foundational knowledge of Flutter, contributing significantly to the success of design and development projects, showcasing my strategic leadership, innovative design, and seamless integration skills in dynamic environments.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (2017 - 2021) St.Joseph's College of Engineering

    I have secured an overall CGPA of 7.84

Work & Experience

  • Surfboard Payments (2022 - Present ) Software Engineer

    During my tenure at Surfboard Payments, a Swedish fintech startup, I played a pivotal role in backend development, focusing on integrating APIs and gateways to enhance payment systems\' efficiency and reliability. I successfully led the transition from the V1 to the highly efficient V2 Order Service API, ensuring streamlined processing, reduced latency, scalability, enhanced error handling, and optimized resource utilization. My responsibilities extended to collaborating with the frontend team to ensure a user-centric design and personalized customer experiences. Additionally, I had the privilege of engaging directly with customers, which refined my communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. This comprehensive experience equips me with the technical expertise, customer empathy, and teamwork skills necessary for impactful contributions.


Stakeholder Management
google analytics
market research