About Shruti Wahi

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Management
  • Date of Birth 28th February'1980


Building the thing right, building the right thing, and scaling on the right thing!

Throughout my career, I have got experience of thinking like a customer, representing the customer, in various means by being part of operations, quality, sales & business development wherein I have worked with and for customers to get their feedback and bring them delight.

Over a period of time, I was struck in just scaling the business and eventually wanted to move on to building the thing right and building the right things through an academic journey. That is when I thought of joining IPL and I got an opportunity to learn various skills. As part of my practical experience, I got an opportunity to work on 3 projects-
1.UX Skillathon- We made a kiranakarona App which addresses the pain points of our Kirana store who got a major loss due to covid and didn’t benefit from the digital revolution and weren’t able to set their shop online. KiranaKaroNa is a one place solution to our daily grocery requirement wherein quality is the top priority so you can quickly buy fresh groceries from nearby grocery stores with ease of time slot(via WhatsApp and voice interface feature to order). The Health and safety of our customers was our top priority so we were transparent in showcasing employee health and food adulteration check report. Our customers can experience a contact-less shopping experience if they have to step out. The inbuilt QR scan code feature and our social distancing alarm make sure that customers maintain a distance of 1.5 meters. The best price is our commitment to our customer which is fulfilled by showcasing Mandi rates and price comparison from Kirana stores.
2.Product and Digital Marketing Skillathon- We had to sell 50 sofas in 60 days @ $2000 each with 20% CAC. The marketing budget, explainer video, and landing page were great assets we have added to our bag of the portfolio.
3.BYOI- Bring your Own Idea- www.farmour.net.in
The website says all about our idea.

Throughout this process and being an aspiring product manager, I have learned to build business cases, which idea to take forward, and building a scalable product in the right way.

Ready to exploit the power of innovation and transferring the life of millions of users.

“The super-power of a product manager is being the expert on users/customers and the market. We have no other source of authority (definitely not the title).”- Itamar Gilad



Product Management
User Research
UX Design
Product Marketing