Sreekar R

QA Engineer

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, July 7, 2024

About Me

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Experience 4
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development
  • Date of Birth 18/01/1999


I spent 2.5 years as a software testing engineer and am now fervently upskilling in Product Management. My passion lies in driving the success of innovative product ideologies, and I’m immersing myself in case studies and hands-on research to prepare for a challenging and impactful role in a dynamic company. I’m committed to leveraging my experience and new skills to make meaningful contributions in the field of product management.


  • B.Tech Aerospace Engineering (2019 - 2022) Dayananda Sagar University

    During my B.Tech program, I learned and worked with Python ML, Cloud Computing, and Product and Industrial Design, gaining valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in these areas.

  • Diploma In Aeronautical Engineering (2016 - 2019) SCT Polytechnic

    During my Diploma program, I immersed myself in core subjects like Piston Engine, Jet Engine, Avionics, Structural Systems, and Manufacturing Technologies. Through hands-on projects and lab work, I applied my knowledge practically, fueling my passion for engineering and honing my technical skills.

Work & Experience

  • Arbot Analytics (2019 - 2024 ) QA Engineer

    Test Case Design: Creating detailed test cases to assess software functionality and uncover defects.  Test Execution: Performing manual and automated testing to verify the software\'s performance and reliability.  Bug Reporting: Documenting and reporting identified issues with clear steps for reproduction.  Test Environment Setup: Configuring and maintaining the test environment to mimic real-world conditions.  Continuous Improvement: Actively participating in quality assurance processes to enhance software development and testing methodologies