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About Me

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Experience 20 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management
  • Date of Birth 16 04 1980


Entrepreneurial, Strategic, Data Driven Business & Technology leader with proven track record in building & scaling products & services businesses. Built business verticals ground-up to MM$ revenues and managed both high volume customer portfolios and niche client base at companies like Dell, Tata Communications, Lavelle Networks etc.

With Customer-first mindset, I demonstrated success in working cross-functionally with sales, engineering, design, analytics, product, operations, and marketing to design and execute growth and retention objectives as an intrapreneur in both startups and large enterprises, B2B & B2C.

I invested the past few years to learn hands-on Product Making, understand Emotional Intelligence, and forayed into entrepreneurship in healthcare to apply my learnings.

In addition, I am a hands-on sales leader, who has generated $116M USD in revenues, in SaaS, IaaS, NaaS, Data Center, Security, ITSM, Network products & services for large and mid market enterprises across Pan India, APAC, Americas and EMEA, over the course of 2 decades. I am adept at working with CHROs/CXOs, Academicians, Clinicians, Engineering, Product Marketing, Service Delivery, Billing & Collection and Service Management Teams.

I am an advocate of Design Thinking as it allows me to look beyond the obvious, and approach people, product and process with first-princple method of reasoning. I have harnessed my design skills to solve complex problems through the use of data, analytics, market intelligence and people [a recent endeavor – https://cutt.ly/Tssm-DesignCamp].

Post my Entrepreneurial stint, I now look to apply my learnings at a Healthcare company, to scale adoption of mental wellness initiatives, and in doing so, make Preventive Care easy and accessible.


  • EMBA (2018 - 2019) Institute of Product Leadership, CMR University

    CGPA 9.36 University Rank #2

Work & Experience

  • Independent Product & Growth Consultant (2021 - Present ) Consultant

    Since February 2021 I have been an independent consultant and healthcare researcher with key deliverables in - - Strategy & Planning - Product Marketing - Partnerships & Alliances - Revenue Generation - UX/CX Success - Investor & Analyst Relations (Current) Project Stress Management: - Develop user journey of patients under Chronic Care, to overcome modulatory impact of Stress (Completed) Project t u s s o m - Transformation of ITSM Services company to a Product entity. - Created Strategic Goals and Initiatives towards a long-term vision - Conceptualised & led Alliance with Yotta to generate $0.5Mn USD with 100% YoY growth till 2025 - Led Sell-To deal with Tech Mahindra for $250K USD - Developed the omni-channel Digital Marketing Plan leading to the creation of $3M USD sales pipeline - Built community relations with Startup Accelerators, ISVs and GSIs - Designed & Moderated Webinars & Panel Discussions with Industry Leaders

  • Wellnessworx (2019 - 2020 ) Co-founder

    Wellnessworx was conceptualized as a pivot to Cultnetics which was started to build a game-based individual-organizational culture fitness. Cultnetics transformed into a social-neuroscience research project when we realized that value-culture correlation accuracy would remain below 0.50 unless we had stress-response action tendency data. With Wellnessworx we envisaged discover fundamental challenges with Employee Assistance Programs & Mental Wellbeing. From quantitative and qualitative research with 50 CHROs and 200 Workers across 5 Industry verticals, we discovered 4 specific problem areas - the presence of stigma and its gender specificity; lack of nursing impacting adherence to interventions; and resistance to counseling owing to poor first time experience. Together they made mental wellbeing a challenging yet an exciting area to work on. Unfortunately, some of our decisions in terms of prioritizing work, choice of cofounding team and lack of a reasonable amount of funds made it difficult for us to keep the lights on.

  • Tata Communications, Lavelle Networks (2010 - 2019 ) VP/Regional Head/Growth Head/Sales Leader

    From 2010 to 2016 - I led Channels & Enterprise sales verticals at Tata Communications. During this time I led transformation initiatives for our clients along with a 14-member global sales team, and a portfolio of 1100+ SME & Large Enterprises - 350 Billing Accounts @ 80M USD in Total Revenue • Was responsible for creating and executing the GTM strategy for my region – leading to the delivery of 178% of the annual operating plan & Revenue Increased by 15% YoY • Was responsible for Cross-Functional leadership with Project Delivery, Billing & Service Assurance that resulted in a Reduced churn by 47% (from 17% to 9%) From 2016 - 2017 - I was responsible to establish the GTM for India’s first SDWAN Startup - Lavelle Networks. This was my first stint out of the comfort of a large ICT company. With the responsibility for GTM, I invariably had to don the hat of a Product Manager to discover customer needs; design the product, messaging and iteratively discover the right pricing; and design partner policy for final delivery. This led to the creation of Lavelle's first Business Model backed up with Use Cases – for Locaton-hungry businesses. • The strategy paid off with a Revenue base - going from 0 to $250K USD with 1st SDWAN sale & deployment in India • Delivered 6 Marquee Logos including Flipkart, Adiya Birla Retail, MaxLife; 650 implemented nodes, 10 Proof-of-Concepts From 2017 - 2019 - I had rejoined Tata Communications to build strategic partnerships and alliances for their SDWAN product in India. During this time I was also responsible to overhaul their \Shape the Future\ program that promoted intrapreneurial talent within the company. This initiative required me to run extensive design workshops.

  • Dell, Avocent (2001 - 2010 ) Various Sales Roles

    During the first decade of my career I worked in various sales and business roles including Global Inside Sales and DC Business Development.


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