Yash Madikunt

Sector: IT-Software

Member Since, February 5, 2021

About Me

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management
  • Date of Birth 16/05/1995


Passionate Business Owner / Product Manager / Graphic Designer / Customer Acquisition Expert / Data Analyst / Marketing professional / Lead Generation Expert 

Currently pursuing MBA in Applied Data Science from Institute of Product Leadership / MITCOM and successfully applying the knowledge and expertise into my business .


  • Bachelors of Engineering in Computers (2015 - 2019) DPCOE

    Pursued engineering in computers and secured distinction. I managed my studies and was also an active member of the core committee of the college. Managed many events with great success .

  • MBA in Applied Data Science (2019 - Present) Institute of Product Leadership / MITCOM

    Pursuing my MBA in Data science as I was keen on learning what all can be done using rows and columns of data . Learnt the basics of MBA and the core of Data Science with continuously upgrading management skills throughout the course . Right from Marketing , Branding , UI&UX , Digital Marketing , etc . I\'m really proud to say I was successful in applying what I learnt into the real world and watched them workout for me practically.

Work & Experience

  • Solitaire Creations (2013 - 2018 ) Business Owner / CEO

    Solitaire Creations is a Event Management Company founded in the year 2013 . I had a core team of 4 members and a functional team of 6 more . I have successfully conducted events like Product Launch , Birthdays , Corporate Parties , all sorts of Family Events . I gained a lot of confidence , learnt time management , Managing and co-ordinating a team , acquired clients from every field possible , Managing clients especially networking among them many successfully collaborated and expanded their businesses by this gesture and they were quite satisfied with this extra bonus they received .

  • Krushi Vikas (2017 - 2019 ) Co-Founder

    KVFB (Krushi Vikas Fruit Basket) is an online fruits store , where after a successful order the customer would receive a basket full of different varieties of fruits that would sustain for a week . I had a team of 4 members , here I learnt product Management in depth , right from market research to delivering the baskets I was a part of every department we created . I had my customer base from my own business to whom I introduced the Fruit Basket to , I took detailed feedback from them which was 88% positive which made us proceed with the idea . Customer acquisition was a big challenge as it was a completely new concept out that time , we used various marketing techniques such as distributed pamphlets in the newspapers , created posts and shared it on social-media and for a greater reach and amplification we used mouth publicity and some areas we used Influencers for our product . By the end of 3rd month of the business we had a customer base of 210 which went upto 1550 clients a year later . Learnt feedback management , learnt digital marketing techniques , customer acquisition , team management , gained confidence and practically deployed a new product in the market .

  • MAA PRODUCTS (2020 - Present ) Business Owner / CEO

    MAA PRODUCTS is a firm which manufactures cold-pressed oils . I got into this business having just one moto that its time we contribute for the betterment of the people . A complete market research with detailed survey from people , Branding and logo creation , Detailed study of different seeds/nuts through which oils can be extracted and which of them are actually healthy for the society , Package designing and ideology , Customer acquisition , Feedback management , leads generation , Digital Marketing , Production , Product Management , Web-Designing , Acquiring Government Licenses , Practically applying Data Science techniques and implementing them . Learning is never complete you learn something everyday .


Product Management
Customer Acquisition
Team Management

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