Yash Madikunt

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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management
  • Date of Birth 16/05/1995


Passionate Business Owner / Product Manager / Graphic Designer / Customer Acquisition Expert / Data Analyst / Marketing professional / Lead Generation Expert 

Currently pursuing MBA in Applied Data Science from Institute of Product Leadership / MITCOM and successfully applying the knowledge and expertise into my business .


  • MBA in Applied Data Science (2019 - Present) Institute of Product Leadership / MITCOM

    Pursuing my MBA in Data science as I was keen on learning what all can be done using rows and columns of data . Learnt the basics of MBA and the core of Data Science with continuously upgrading management skills throughout the course . Right from Marketing , Branding , UI&UX , Digital Marketing , etc . I\'m really proud to say I was successful in applying what I learnt into the real world and watched them workout for me practically.

  • Bachelors of Engineering in Computers (2015 - 2019) DPCOE

    Pursued engineering in computers and secured distinction. I managed my studies and was also an active member of the core committee of the college. Managed many events with great success .

Work & Experience

  • MAA PRODUCTS (2020 - Present ) Business Owner / CEO

    MAA PRODUCTS is a firm that manufactures cold-pressed oils . Tasks I performed - 1)Market research 2) Branding and Logo Making 3) Manufacturing / Production 4) Supply chain management 5) Packaging 6) Lead Generation 7) Delivery 8) CRM 9) Business Analyst / Product Management 10) Marketing Problems I wanted to solve - 1) Current Adulterated oils which is deteriorating end consumers health and well-being . 2) Packaging in which oils are supplied which is unhealthy (plastic bottles , plastic packets). 3) Lack of knowledge in consumers regarding edible oils . Solutions I planned for - 1) Promoted health benefits of consuming the edible oils manufactured in the traditional way or we can call it the cold-pressed manner . 2) For the packaging I planned for food grade material , easy to handle , no breakage unlike glass bottle . 3) Educating consumers by spreading posts on social media , Creating testimonials so that more people are attracted . 4) Categorizing edible oils according to the health benefits they provide .

  • KV fruit basket (2017 - 2019 ) Product Manager

    KVFB (KV Fruit Basket) is an online fruits delivery platform , where after a successful order the customer would receive a basket full of different varieties of fruits that would sustain for a week . Tasks I performed - 1) Market Research 2) Product Management 3) CRM Problems we wanted to solve - 1) Farmers weren't getting the desired payment for the fruits they cultivated . 2) Fruits used to stored in cold storages creating a scarcity in the market causing the prices to increase gradually . 3) Fruits supplied were never fresh as they were artificially preserved . 4) Each time consumers going to the market in search of good quality fruits . Solution we Designed - 1) We tracked potential farmers willing to distribute chemical free fresh fruits directly to us . 2) Directly Farm to home concept was introduced . 3) Fresh fruits which were few ripe and few raw so that consumer can consume one variety of fruits each day that would last a week long . 4) Fruits were delivered directly to the consumers doorstep and feedback/orders for the coming week would be collected .

  • Solitaire Creations (2013 - 2018 ) Founder / CRM

    Solitaire Creations was a Event Management Company . I was managing a team of 3 people and 8-10 rolling interns / participants . Tasks I performed - 1) Public Relations Management 2) Lead Generation 3) Photography 4) Feedback Management To get into detail I was involved in all the phases of event Management such as - Lead Generation , Client Meetings , Understanding the client requirements , Planning , Budgeting , Decoration , Training interns/participants , photography , Food Management , Feedback Management , Interaction with the client personally at the end of implementation of each phase . Experience - 1) Direct Client interaction 2) Cracking the deal 3) Managing a team 4) Feedback Management 5) Handling pressure during Improvisation of plans Events such as - 1) College Events 2) Birthday parties 3) Family events 4) Exposure of corporate events / product launches .


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